This page contains links to the handouts, PowerPoint presentations and all other electronic files we received from the developers of the August 15 and 16 breakout sessions. Please feel free to access these files for your reference.

15A - Practical Ethics in Professions and Disciplines |handout|

15B - Understanding How Childhood Trauma Affects At-Risk College Students | outline | handout | worksheet |

15E - An Interprofessional Exploration of Culture - Speed Dating Style | handout | ppt |

15F - Accessibility: Obeying the Law and Best Practice |handout|

15G - Student Enrichment Programs: Services Provided to Student from the SEP Division |handout|

15H - Opiates 2018 |ppt|

15I - Women in Leadership Learning |ppt|

15K - Fueling the Fire: Many Logs to Build a Bonfire - Embracing the Diversity of our Students |handout|

15L How to Set up a Successful Peer Mentoring Program | slides | fact sheet | form | evaluation |

15M - Engaging with Students in a Multifaith World |ppt|

16A - Vulnerability: Teaching and the Importance of Authentic Connection |quotes| slides |

16C - Simulation 101: Entry-level Design |agenda| handout |glossary| worksheet| slides |

16D - Using Health Sciences Video Capture System for High Stakes Assessment |handout| setup | notes | access | using | voice |

16H - Teaching with Turnitin |ppt|

16I - Critical Thinking about Sources of Knowledge | ppt | handout |

16J - How Quality Matters @ Sinclair in 2018 and Beyond | slides | handout |

16K - Assessment: Tell Me How | ppt | handout | template | tool |

16M - Effective Use of Campus Multimedia Podiums and Services Offered |ppt|

16N - You Don't have to Understand the Combustion Engine to Drive a Car: Writing Across the Curriculum 2.0 | slides | description |

16O - How to Successfully Modify and Use All General Education Scoring/Assessment Rubrics in eLearn | handout | slides |

16O - The Academic Integrity Policy and You | ppt | handout | questionnaire |

16P - Overview of Career Development Services Available to Our Students | ppt | handout |

16Q - Active Shooter Response Training |ppt|

16Q - Just Breathe: Relaxation and Mediation for Faculty and Staff |handout|

16R - Gear Up for Mentorship |ppt|

16S - Mentoring CCP Instructors: Teachers Teaching Teachers The ABC's of Mentoring CCP Instructors | slides | manual | form |

16S - Complexities of Teaching College Courses in a High School Environment |ppt|

16T - How Does the Math Academy Serve Students? |ppt|