Peer Review Process

The peer review process is a formative evaluation for all full-time and adjunct faculty. The objective of the review includes the following:

  1. To provide feedback and resources to improve pedagogy to increase student learning.
  2. To provide instructional, collegial and professional support.

The peer review process is a confidential process. It does NOT effect faculty promotion, tenure, merit and/or the faculty performance evaluation (FPR).

Who are reviewed?
  1. New adjunct faculty completing their Adjunct Faculty Certification (required; reviewed by peer reviewers)
  2. First year full-time faculty members (required; reviewed by CTL Director and CTL Fellows)
  3. Interested full-time faculty and adjunct faculty (not required; reviewed by peer reviewers)
  4. Trained Peer Reviewers (required; reviewed by peer reviewers)
How do you request a peer review? (Click here to open the online request form)

To request a review, you must submit the online Request a Peer Review form. Click on submit. The request will be approved and posted for the Peer Reviewer team to accesss and select the classes that they can review. When a Peer Reviewer selects a class, both people are emailed so they can arrange the exact day and time of the review.

The Peer Process (Click to download)

The Peer Review involves three sessions:

  1. Pre-observation session (discussion of the classroom visit)
  2. The review itself (60 minutes)
  3. Post-observation session (discussion of what was observed during the visit).

For new adjunct faculty completing their adjunct faculty certification AND new first year full-time faculty members, once the post-observation session is completed, faculty are required to submit a portion of the form to the CTL office (14-301) to confirm the completion of the process.

The Peer Review Forms (Click below to download forms):
Contact Information

For more information, contact Amanda M. Romero.