Early Semester Feedback

What is early semester feedback? (Click here to download form)

The Early Semester Feedback is a two-way communication process. The goal is for students to provide you with feedback about their learning and your teaching, and in turn, you provide them with your interpretation of their feedback, as well as your plans for using the information. Early feedback may involve changing assignments, pace, activities, and sharing your interpretation(s) with the students.

The process actively involves students in assessing their own progress and communicating their assessment to the instructor. Early feedback also requires you to thoughtfully listen, react, and be prepared to make changes in your teaching during the current semester. It involves taking some risk to consciously learn how well the students and you are doing. Early semester feedback can be motivating in itself. It gives you an opportunity to ask yourself, “What am I doing and how can I improve?” The information you collect may also stimulate discussions with colleagues on pedagogical issues.

Purpose of early semester feedback

Research has found that one way to be an effective instructor is to continuously examine how and what students are learning, and what you as an instructor are doing to influence the desired learning. Using early feedback can:

  • Enhance and improve your teaching effectiveness by carefully examining how and what students are learning, as well as how your own teaching strategies and methods are influencing student learning
  • Improve communication between students and the instructor
  • Increase student motivation
  • Assist instructors in tailoring the course to student needs
  • Improve end-of-semester evaluations.
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