Many of our Sinclair Community College faculty members are not only highly effective teachers, but also recognized as scholars within their respective disciplines. Our Sinclair scholars represent Sinclair across the country and internationally, presenting their research at conferences, as well as publishing articles, books, and other scholarly and creative products.

A call for faculty scholarly bibliographies was made early in 2009, and the response was tremendous. With the help of volunteer editors, the first Sinclair Faculty Scholars bibliography was compiled and edited. In spring 2009, the first bibliography printed listed the best of our faculty scholarship. Subsequent editions have been printed each year since. Click here to download the latest edition.

The current reviewing committee for the newest edition consists of Joyce Barnes (DEV/LCS), Connie Beal (Nursing/HS), Adrienne Cassel, chair (English/LCS), Ribhi Daoud (Economics/BPS), Susan Harris (Math/SME), and Julie McDaniel (Library) - representing all four Sincliar Academic Divisions and the Sinclair Library. If you have additional questions, please contact your division representative.