Request a Peer Review

In order to complete the requirements for certification as an Adjunct Faculty member at Sinclair Community College, each participant must request a classroom observation within this academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). The Center for Teaching and Learning will be scheduling each request. In order to schedule the visit please provide the following information:

The CTL will use the above information to match you with a peer reviewer and to schedule an appointment in Outlook for your classroom observation at least one week in advance. If the proposed time does not fit your schedule, please propose a new time in Outlook. It is required that you confirm the Outlook appointment in order for the peer reviewer to observe your course. If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at ext. 3115. We will honor all requests for each semester.


What if I do not know my class schedule today?
As soon as you know your schedule, please complete this form and forward to the CTL office, room 7L02 or

What if my schedule changes?
Complete a new form and note schedule change at the top, then forward to CTL office, room 7L02 or

What if I am not teaching this term?
Please submit the form today and note that information for our records. When you are scheduled to teach, submit a new form with all the details.

Can I just ask a colleague or chair to observe my class?
If you would like to designate a peer reviewer, contact the CTL office at ext. 3115. The peer reviewer will need to complete a brief training session to be a CTL peer reviewer.