Teaching Excellence Academy

Advanced Faculty Professional Development

The Sinclair Teaching Excellence Academy is a particularly intensive development experience for qualified faculty leaders. This track is restricted to a small cohort of previous NISOD/Roueche award winners nominated by a division dean to participate. The purpose of this experience is to offer an opportunity for excellent faculty to come together as a cohort to focus on teaching and think about faculty leadership. In order to be chosen to participate, faculty must make a commitment to attend the introductory meeting and all 6 sessions, including a weekend retreat. There are also a few additional non-required events throughout the year.

The Academy consists of a three-hour introductory meeting and six, three-hour workshops held throughout the academic year. Each workshop may involve pre-reading, preparation, and follow-up assignments. There is no compensation for participating in this experience. The concluding workshop will be held off-campus in a retreat setting. We bring in some outside speakers to help with the sessions and plan to also involve some of our emeritus faculty. One of the books we will be reading is The Last Lecture and during the retreat, faculty will be asked to share a last lecture and a teaching portfolio. This experience is expected to be intense but rewarding. The Academy workshop titles are:

  1. Teaching Philosophies
  2. Theories of Teaching
  3. Spotlight on Teaching Excellence
  4. Staying Current
  5. Digging Deeper
  6. The Last Lecture

Faculty Development

The foremost mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Sinclair Community College is to provide all faculty with high quality opportunities for professional development. Yearly, we develop a robust and comprehensive program for all aspects of faculty development, from instructional technology to learning about theories of teaching. As part of the Sinclair Community College commitment to professional development, the CTL offers regular annual opportunities for faculty.