First Year Faculty Experience

First Year Faculty Experience

Sinclair Community College has made a strong commitment to provide professional development opportunities for all new full-time faculty members at the college. First year faculty members participate in First Year Faculty Experience which is a professional development series designed to introduce new faculty to Sinclair policies and procedures, as well as emphasize the importance of the best practices in teaching and learning. 

The First Year Faculty Experience workshops meet once each month during the academic year and in addition to covering a variety of important topics, the regular meetings allow new full-time faculty an opportunity to form important connections with colleagues outside of their own academic departments. 

During First Year Faculty Experience faculty participants will:

  • Summarize important Sinclair policies and procedures, including FERPA regulations, emergency procedures, and academic integrity policies.
  • Discuss examples of classroom management issues and evaluate ways to address these potentially problematic situations.
  • Identify and describe on-campus resources and services available for assisting students and improving their success including disability services, tutorial services, and the testing center.
  • Attend the Lilly International Conference on College Teaching in Oxford, Ohio.
  • Discuss their personal and professional reflections on Ken Bain’s book, “What the Best College Teachers Do.”
  • Discuss examples of student engagement techniques and describe on-campus resources that support student engagement, including the Honors and Service Learning Offices.
  • Summarize promotion, tenure, and merit processes (or ACF evaluation process for Annually Contracted Faculty) at Sinclair.
  • Create a poster presentation that visually demonstrates a student engagement or teaching technique. Demonstrate the technique to other first year faculty members during a poster session.
  • Demonstrate their teaching to a trained peer reviewer and discuss his or her feedback.

August - All Day Retreat
This day-long event is hosted by the Human Resources Department and the CTL. The goals of the day include orientating new faculty to important college policies and procedures, employee benefits, and to the First Year Faculty Experience. Participants will have an opportunity to meet colleagues and tour important locations on campus for faculty and student resources (including Starbucks!).

September - Facilitating Teaching and Learning
In this workshop, participants will learn about campus resources available to assist faculty in dealing with problematic student and emergency situations in the classroom. Members of Sinclair’s Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) will discuss how best to intervene and respond to these situations. Faculty will also have an opportunity to discuss a number of potentially difficult classroom management scenarios and how best to address each of the situations. 

October - Student Development and Student Services - watch the video
Sinclair students are fortunate to have a variety of on-campus resources available to help them not only succeed in their classes but also reach their career goals. This session will focus on orientating participants to these important student support services including Tutorial Services, Disability Services, Career Services, and Academic Advising. Information regarding FERPA regulations and the ethics of teaching will also be discussed.

November - The Lilly International Conference on College Teaching
One of the highlights for the participants of First Year Faculty Experience is the opportunity to attend the Lilly International Conference on College Teaching at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. This conference is one of the nation’s most prestigious in the area of teaching and learning. Workshops presented at the conference cover a wide range of topics such as brain-based learning, classroom assessment techniques, and critical thinking. Conference website:

December - Scholarship and Professional Growth
The CTL director will discuss professional development and funding opportunities for faculty including mini-sabbatical, Showcase Sinclair, and Learning Challenge Grants |PREZI|. This session will also summarize promotion, tenure, and merit processes (or the ACF evaluation process for Annually Contracted Faculty) at Sinclair and help faculty to prepare for these processes.

January - Student Success, Assessment, and Curriculum
This session will include a discussion about student engagement, assessment, curriculum, and classroom management issues. This session will also provide participants with data on student expectations and behaviors, as well as success and completion rates at Sinclair. Here is the link to the handout on using Outlook as evidence tracking of important processes.

February - Teaching Excellence
A panel of faculty members will discuss ways to engage and foster deep learning among students. Representatives from Service Learning, Student Leadership, and the Honors Program will discuss how to use high impact experiential learning to promote student engagement and success.

March - Poster Presentations
Faculty will prepare a poster (and a handout) on a teaching tip or student engagement technique and present their poster to their colleagues during the March workshop. During this interactive session, participants will be able to share information about classroom techniques that are working for them and hear about the teaching successes of their peers as well. Download the poster tips sheet here.

April - Closing, Reflections, and Celebration
This final session is a celebration of the participants’ successful completion of the program and an opportunity for faculty to offer their reflections on their experiences over the past year.

Faculty Development

The foremost mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Sinclair Community College is to provide all faculty with high quality opportunities for professional development. Yearly, we develop a robust and comprehensive program for all aspects of faculty development, from instructional technology to learning about theories of teaching. As part of the Sinclair Community College commitment to professional development, the CTL offers regular annual opportunities for faculty.