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Workshops are designed by faculty and staff for faculty to address the most pertinent classroom concerns and current scholarship on teaching and learning. The majority of workshops are three hours. We appreciate your time and willingness to participate in professional development offerings and hope you find useful information in all of them. Some workshops have prerequisites and some have pre-workshop assignments or readings, so please read the course description carefully to understand requirements, expectations, and outcomes. For example, a prerequisite for the Angel Training II - Intermediate workshop is completing Angel Training I - Basics. Other workshops may ask you to bring course material from your classes to the workshop (e.g., assignments, modules, tests, or syllabi). Visit the online registration site to see the categories and titles in each.The Forum in Building 14


Since inception, the Center for Teaching and Learning has offered intensive conferences each term featuring renowned experts in teaching and learning. In recent years we have been fortunate to host Stewart Ross, Barbara Millis, Tom Angelo, Craig Nelson, Stephen Brookfield, Elizabeth Barkley, Ken Bain, Michael Theall, Todd Zakrajsek, Karen Becker, and many others. These experts have shared best practices and inspired our faculty to continue to engage our students in the classroom.

Faculty Development

The foremost mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Sinclair Community College is to provide all faculty with high quality opportunities for professional development. Yearly, we develop a robust and comprehensive program for all aspects of faculty development, from instructional technology to learning about theories of teaching. As part of the Sinclair Community College commitment to professional development, the CTL offers regular annual opportunities for faculty.