CTL Funding Opportunities

Faculty Funding Opportunities

The CTL offers various types of funding for faculty development including the following:

  • Learning Challenge Grants
  • Course ReVision
  • Mini-Sabbaticals
  • Special Funding (Showcase Sinclair) for faculty presenting at a conference
  • Career Seminars (focused on attending local workshops)

Over the 2018-2019 academic year, a total of 109 faculty received $104,418 in funding for professional development.

Faculty applying for funding should always follow all the directions on the application, create a travel request in Concur, upload the completed application, conference agenda, registration form and other supporting materials, and obtain chair and dean approvals. This online request form is available by clicking on the Concur tile on my.sinclair Home page and is required to apply for College funds for registration fees and/or travel.

Faculty Development

The foremost mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Sinclair Community College is to provide all faculty with high quality opportunities for professional development. Yearly, we develop a robust and comprehensive program for all aspects of faculty development, from instructional technology to learning about theories of teaching. As part of the Sinclair Community College commitment to professional development, the CTL offers regular annual opportunities for faculty.