Adjunct Certification

Adjunct Faculty Certification Course

This course provides a concise overview of the responsibilities and expectations of adjunct faculty at Sinclair Community College. Adjunct faculty members are encouraged to complete this course in their first year of employment. A Physical Therapist may have excellent professional skills, but not a background in pedagogy. This course will enable the physical therapist to be a competent classroom teacher who understands policies and procedures at Sinclair, recognizes different learning styles, and incorporates effective presentation techniques and teaching strategies including active learning.

IMPORTANT NOTE Adjunct faculty are prohibited from being assigned or accepting more than 12 payload hours per semester or any combination of payload hours and other work or compensation at the College which result in working in excess of 28 actual hours per week. Although participation in this course is unpaid, given the amount of time required to complete, this certification is the equivalent of 1 payload hour at Sinclair only when it is offered during the semester. Please contact your department chair to clarify your eligibility to participate in this course.

Faculty Development

The foremost mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Sinclair Community College is to provide all faculty with high quality opportunities for professional development. Yearly, we develop a robust and comprehensive program for all aspects of faculty development, from instructional technology to learning about theories of teaching. As part of the Sinclair Community College commitment to professional development, the CTL offers regular annual opportunities for faculty.