Launch Your New Digital Transformation Journey
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Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Center: Our Co-location, Facilitators: Christi Amato and Dair Arnold
The Innovation Lab will be an open, inviting, and high infusion technological space designed with digital transformation in mind. Co-located with the CTL and eLearning Division, and inspired by centers for innovation in both public and private sector enterprises, the lab will support projects, partnerships, and other innovative opportunities in teaching and learning spaces. All Sinclair faculty, staff, and shareholders will have a place in the lab as it will rely on collaboration, flexibility, and niche services for faculty, staff, and students. Planned services include: triaged focused tech help and loanable equipment, a makerspace, self-service interactive/media creation spaces, coaching, workshops, a ‘try it before you buy it’ work area, and more.

The RFQ was recently advertised and we are in the process of selecting a firm for this exciting new space which will be located in Building 4.

Design Thinking for Innovative Digital Solutions, Facilitators: Jessy Jones and Laurel Painter
An understanding of how design thinking can help create an innovative digital solution for a teaching and learning challenge. Click here to read this relevant article.

Emerging Trends in Digital Technologies, Facilitators: Bernie McStay and Chris Prokes
Participants will choose to attend this workshop to discuss emerging trends and how they might intentionally plan to use these digital technologies.

Anatomage Table and Simulation Training, Facilitators: Deb Belcher and Mary Brown
This session is designed for Health Sciences faculty interested in learning the functions and usage of the Anatomage Table for teaching and learning through interactive anatomy. We will cover the usage and care of the Anatomage Table, how to use the most common Table interface tools, and policies and procedures for Table usage. This training is for Health Sciences faculty only.

LabFlow Training Workshop to Enhance the Lab Experience in Chemistry and Biology, Facilitators: Patrick Greco, Cari Gigliotti, and Dr. Rochael Swavey (Univ of Dayton - Chemistry)
Participants will have the opportunity to perform a chemistry lab demo utilizing the LabFlow software with smart electronic worksheets for data entry on a phone, tablet, or laptop. The Labflow platform prepares students for in-lab success with pre-lab preparation through the manual, videos (technique and knowledge), and assessments, and provides post-lab coaching with our reports. In addition, Labflow enhances the teaching efficacy of instructors and TAs by streamlining lab course administration, reducing grading time, increasing grading consistency, and providing valuable course analytics.

This session is for chemistry and biology faculty primarily.

DEI and Accessibility in the Digital Age, Facilitators: Evan Campbell and Leslie Marsh
Participants will choose to attend this session to discuss digital tools that might enable them to more effectively create pedagogies of care that build community, increase student engagement, and achieve equitable student outcomes.

OER and Open Pedagogy, Facilitators: Greg Deye and Andrew Walsh
In this session we will discuss OER’s and Open Pedagogy and explore how they can engage students in content creation for courses.

The Gold Standard of Student Support Services, Facilitators: Debbie Fobbs and Tony Bryan
Participants in this session will discuss ways to include DEI, Accessibility, and Digital Transformation when serving Sinclair students outside of the classroom.

Student Affairs, Facilitators: Alicia Schroeder and Allie Hawley
This Adventure will provide an overview of the supports available through Student Affairs, discuss your experience with this decision, and preview our Fall Learning Community programming. We hope to help participants start to develop ways in which our division is able to best support you and your students this academic year.