The Trail Ahead

Communities of Practice (CoPs) 
Is there an area of teaching, learning, and/or technology that you would like to discuss in more depth?  Are you curious about how you can use instructional technologies, high impact practices, or other evidence-based pedagogies in any modality? Would you like to discuss and share ideas with other faculty and staff? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then please consider participating in a CoP.  

Sinclair’s CoPs will be groups of 5-10 faculty and staff who share a common concern or interest in a topic. Groups will work with a facilitator to deepen their knowledge and expertise by interacting with each other on an ongoing basis (usually one or two semesters). Discussions related to teaching and learning, student persistence, equity, innovative technologies, and other topics will be followed by actions such as planning and trying out techniques discussed in the group. No matter the topic, CoPs will provide a supportive environment where you can experiment with new approaches, share successes and failures, and engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning through collaborative research-based projects and the sharing of instructional practices and tools. 

Current CoPs in development: 

  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy 
  • Trauma Informed and Inclusive Pedagogies (in collaboration with Student Affairs) 
  • Universal Curriculum Design 
  • Course Transformation Cohort (Accessibility piece, Equity, how to use VR, etc.) 


Innovation Lab
Innovation Lab imageThe Innovation Lab will be an open, inviting, and high infusion technological space designed with digital transformation in mind. Co-located with the CTL and eLearning Division, and inspired by centers for innovation in both public and private sector enterprises, the lab will support projects, partnerships, and other innovative opportunities in teaching and learning spaces. All Sinclair faculty, staff, and shareholders will have a place in the lab as it will rely on collaboration, flexibility, and niche services for faculty, staff, and students. Planned services include: triaged focused tech help and equipment loans, a makerspace, self-service interactive/media creation spaces, coaching, workshops, a ‘try it before you buy it’ work area, and more.

The RFQ was recently advertised and we are in the process of selecting a firm for this exciting new space which will be located in Building 4.

Faculty Peer Review 
The peer review process provides useful and meaningful feedback to full-time and adjunct faculty across the college. Peer reviewers conduct classroom observations and provide instructional feedback and professional support to improve teaching and learning.

Faculty and professional staff who have completed Adjunct Certification can be peer reviewers. If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please email Dair Arnold or Amanda Romero.


Emulating the Field at Large  
Centers for Teaching and Learning are often combined with distance education or eLearning operations at other colleges and universities. For example:  

Many higher ed institutions offer a collaboration between their CTL and eLearning entities. Typically, both groups share similar goals of quality course design and effective course delivery. Sinclair is no different. Together, the CTL and eLearning can capitalize on this partnership to offer the best and most innovative practices.