FFPDD 2022: Exploring the New Possible in Teaching and Learning

Exploring the New Possible in Teaching and Learning graphic

This year’s FFPDD comes at a momentous time; Covid-19 and our current political environment have exacerbated systemic racism, gender inequality, and anti LGBTQIAP+ measures and laid bare health, educational, economic, and digital inequities. Our students and communities are depending on the continued relevance and adaptability of Sinclair faculty and staff to address the path forward -- The New Possible in Teaching and Learning -- for achieving the equitable outcomes of all learners. In this current environment, all of us being exceptional in our roles as teachers, learners, and colleagues matters.

Professional development opportunities that are designed for and with faculty and staff are vital in creating a campus culture that challenges, inspires, and promotes exceptional teaching and learning. To imagine professional development that will guide our return to Sinclair post-pandemic, and because digital innovations and inequities are impacting teaching and learning as they never have before, it's imperative that Sinclair’s CTL and eLearning division work together to facilitate the exploration, implementation, and assessment of evidence-based pedagogies and emerging educational technologies that provide our diverse students educational opportunities that allow them to engage and thrive.

All workshops and sessions during these two days have been designed to fill your “backpack”. In it, you’ll find a range of resources and tools that can help you to leverage technology to engage students in community and deepen learning, thereby supporting key student learning initiatives, including those related to equity, course completion, flexible learning, instructional technologies, and culturally sustaining pedagogies.

The trail ahead will not be easy as the inequities of our past and present mean the ground is still uneven. However, it is the intent of this year’s FFPDD Planning Committee to fill your proverbial backpacks with items designed to inspire and enable you to achieve equitable outcomes regardless of the terrain.

An adventure with the Powerpuff Girls!