Student Engagement


Research demonstrates that one of the best ways to help students succeed is engaging them in the course, on campus, and in the community as well. Here are some great resources and offices at Sinclair Community College that can assist faculty in engaging students.

Sinclair participates in the Community College Survey for Student Engagement (CCSEE) each year. Findings from this survey suggest that student engagement inside and outside the classroom is a very strong predictor of student success. You can read more about Sinclair's survey results by reviewing the Research, Analytics, and Reporting Department at Sinclair. You might want to also check out the CCSEE website.

Sinclair Community College is part of the Completion by Design program funded by the Gates Foundation. As part of this work, there is much emphasis on increasing student engagement on our campus. The engaged learner is more likely to complete college than the non-engaged learner.

As part of Fall Conference 2013, we will be learning more about the best ways to engage students. You can read more about it in George Kuh's article High-Impact Educational Practices.

At Sinclair we have several programs that assist faculty in engaging students both inside and outside the classroom. If you are not engaging students in these areas, you may want to consider contacting the offices below (click the office/program name) and learning more about what you can do. These are just a few of the many ways to involve students at Sinclair. The Center for Teaching and Learning also offers numerous workshops on student engagement throughout the year.

Service Learning: Service Learning at Sinclair is an educational strategy specifically designed by faculty to engage students in course related learning while meeting community needs.

Service Learning also:

  • Develops and expands academic, professional, and personal skills and knowledge
  • Focuses on critical reflective thinking, civic responsibility, and cultural diversity through the use of specifically designed activities and reflection
  • Presents opportunities for students to experience learning in the "real world" by exploring professions, learning new skills, networking for future job opportunities, and enhancing self-confidence

Review an informative video introducing Service Learning concepts and benefits.

For more information, contact the Service Learning Coordinator at (937) 512-5040 or

Honors Program

The Honors Program is a great way to challenge students. Any course can be offered for honors. Honors projects engage students in various ways including opportunities to present to classes and participate in semester symposiums each year. Honors Scholars are required to complete a service project. Many honors students participate in original undergraduate research and this is considered to be a high impact practice. There is a new national organization where community college students can participate in an undergraduate research symposium. Check out the Community College Research Program for more information.

Global Scholars

The Global Scholars program is a new program on campus and encourages students to think globally and act locally. Global Scholars are required to complete a volunteer/service and/or study abroad as part of their program. We do have an international education office at Sinclair Community College and increasingly there are opportunities for students to study abroad. Contact the International Education office at (937) 512-3998 for more information.

Student Leadership and Student Organizations

Sinclair Community College has a Student Leadership Program and numerous student clubs and organizations including Leadership and Honors societies. Encouraging students to participate in these events and helping to support them is a good way to increase student engagement.

Sinclair Talks

Throughout the year, there are various "talks" on topics to engage students in new ideas and/or student success techniques. We recommend faculty inform students of these opportunities to learn more. Many faculty require participation in some of these "talks." Click here to see the current schedule.

Field Trips/Off-Campus Events

Many faculty choose to engage students in various activities and events off campus. Sinclair Community College does have a Student Travel Policy. This form needs to be completed for each student traveling off campus and submitted to the trip coordinator at least two weeks before the event. The trip coordinator should take copies on the trip and leave the originals in the department office. You also need to discuss any off-campus travel with your department chair. Click here to download form.