FERPA Resources

Below is a list of resources to assist you with following FERPA policies and guidelines.

Legal Issue: Privacy of Student Records

Faculty members are legally responsible under FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act) for protecting the confidentiality of student educational records. Your access to student information is for legitimate use in the completion of your responsibilities as an employee of the college.

The Registrar is the college's FERPA officer and has provided this summary of issues that pertain to faculty. Be sure to read this document!

Student educational records (other than directory information) are considered confidential and may not be released without written consent of the student. Sinclair Community College provides a FERPA Release Form for your use.

FERPA Primer 2013 at Sinclair Community College

Faculty need to understand the law protecting the privacy of students before writing letters of recommendation, discussing student performance, and posting grades publicly. Lauren M. Ross, Esquire, General Counsel for Sinclair Community College, prepared this PowerPoint slide show for our faculty. Click to download: FERPA Primer.

FERPA: The Reader's Digest Version

Here is a link from Southern Methodist University that summarizes the basics of FERPA. Click here for this FERPA Resource on the web.

Additional FERPA Resources

For further information and insight from the Department of Education, click on the accompanying link to FERPA Resources on the web.