Diversity & Inclusion

Sinclair Diversity Definition

Diversity refers to the individual and group social differences that exist among people. It means understanding that each individual is unique and by recognizing these individual differences and similarities, we add to the richness and texture of the educational experience. These can be along various human dimensions, including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation/gender identity/expression, socio-economic status, age, disabilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, cultural perspectives, other ideologies, veteran status, and country of origin.

Sinclair Diversity Mission Statement

The concept of diversity at Sinclair Community College encompasses the appreciation, inclusiveness, engagement, and mutual respect among students, faculty, staff, administrators and members of the broader community. The diversity mission is to:

  • Serve as a catalyst for cultural competency, social justice and equity within the institution and the communities with which the institution interacts
  • Recruit and retain a regionally and internationally diverse student population
  • Recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff committed to the success of all students
  • Create and sustain a culture that values, supports, and celebrates diversity of people and intellectual perspectives
  • Offer a curriculum that requires cultural competency as a learning outcome for all programs of study
  • Ensure that the college's policies, procedures, and day-to-day operations foster cultural competency, social justice and equity
  • Assess annually the college's progress toward the stated diversity mission
  • Review and revise authentically and systematically the needs of the internal and external communities

Sinclair Community College Diversity site: https://www.sinclair.edu/student-life/diversity-on-campus/

Change Agents

The Change Agents group was formed in 2010, after an inspiring and reflective book read by Frances Kendall. Since then, the group has made a commitment to promote and develop steps and approaches to create a supportive, diverse and inclusive environment at Sinclair Community College. Our goal is to recommend institutional changes in support of faculty, staff and students. Currently, we have over 70 members, consisting of faculty, staff and administrators.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) continues to collaborate and support the Change Agents through multiple workshops, training sessions, action plan meetings, and book reads. As well, the group has developed various working committees to develop strategies that support the mission.

The role of the Change Agent is to support diversity and inclusion at the College and to align with the College's strategic priorities and core values.

Resources for Faculty

Create an Inclusive Learning Environment, Carnegie Mellon, - http://www.cmu.edu/teaching/designteach/teach/learningenvironment.html

Creating an Inclusive Classroom Community for LGBTQ Students, Arizona State University - pdf

Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community, University of Colorado Boulder - http://www.colorado.edu/odece/

Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, Association of American Colleges and Universities - http://www.aacu.org/resources/diversity/

Diversity & Inclusive Teaching, Vanderbilt University http://cft.vanderbilt.edu/guides-sub-pages/diversity/

Facing History and Ourselves, website - http://www.facinghistory.org/

Inclusive Teaching Strategies, Cornell University - http://www.cte.cornell.edu/teaching-ideas/building-inclusive-classrooms/inclusive-teaching-strategies.html

Reducing Stereotype Threat, website - http://www.reducingstereotypethreat.org/reduce.html

Resources for Leveraging Diversity in the Classroom, University of California at Berkeley - http://mep.berkeley.edu/classroom

Strategies to Create an Inclusive Classroom, Red River College - http://air.rrc.mb.ca/classroom%20support/Strategies%20To%20Create%20An%20Inclusive%20Classroom.htm

Teaching for Inclusion, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, - pdf

Videos for Class Discussion

Faculty are encouraged to show and discuss these videos with their students:

Downloadable Classroom Activities

We are always looking for more examples of classroom activities. Please consider sharing yours with the CTL for posting here:

  • A Fact Sheet on Psychological Disabilities |Word|
  • All My Neighbors |Word|
  • Assumptions & Stereotypes |pdf|
  • Audio Transcripts |pdf|
  • Barnga Instructions |pdf|
  • Can I Borrow Your Cat? |Word|
  • Circle and Share |Word|
  • Circles of My Multicultural Self |Word|
  • Class & Poverty in the U.S.: A Re-Perception Quiz |pdf| & Answer Key |pdf|
  • Connection |Word|
  • Corporatization & Poverty Fact Sheet |pdf|
  • Courteous Questioning |Word|
  • Decking Order |Word|
  • Digital Sexism Quiz |pdf| & Answer Key |pdf|
  • Diversity BINGO |Word|
  • Diversity - Past & Present |ppt| & Directions |Word|
  • Do you hear who I am? |Word|
  • Equity & Diversity Awareness Quiz Answer Key |pdf|
  • Identity Fling |Word|
  • Lest We Forget |Word|
  • May I Ask You Some Questions? |Word|
  • Mirror, Mirror |Word|
  • Multicultural Ground Rules for Discussion |Word|
  • Muslims Are People |Word|
  • Race Card |Word|
  • Stand Up |Word|
  • Stepping Forward and Back |Word|
  • Stories Tell All |Word|
  • Two Lefts |Word|
  • Two Sides to Every Story |Word|
  • Walk-A-Mile |Word|
  • What is in a label? |Word|
  • Who Am I and Who I Am |Word|
  • Who Are the Nacirema? |pdf|
  • Who Said It? Quiz |pdf| & Answer Key |pdf|