Curriculum Management Tool (CMT)

What is CMT?

CMT is an integrated, comprehensive software application that supports the initiation, revision and approval of the college's curriculum. CMT automates the curriculum processes and helps us work more productively and cost-effectively.

Why do we need CMT?

As our college has grown, so has our curriculum. Currently, Sinclair Community College has more than 1,400 courses and more than 180 programs (degrees, options, certificates, and short-term technical certificates). Every year a large number of different curriculum requests are initiated and approved. The results of these curriculum changes need to be disseminated accurately to the college catalog, the college website, and both internal and external constituencies. The database-driven, web-based design of CTM meets this need.

How will I use CMT?

If you are a chairperson or chair designee, you will use CMT to enter new course requests, course revisions, program revisions, new certificate requests and new short-term technical certificate requests. Also, you will have full access to monitor your requests and retrieve information about your curriculum. If you are a faculty or staff member, you will use CMT's template download feature to look up information about your department's curriculum, view recently completed workflows, and access the rich online help menu.

CMT Access

Sinclair faculty, staff and administrators can access the Curriculum Management Tool under the "Tools" section of Questions about CMT can be directed to Janeil Bernheisel at

Important Resources on Curriculum

Backward Design

Dee Fink, author of Creating Significant Learning Experiences (referenced in the teaching and learning section of this website) created a free online resource on Curriculum Design. Many of our faculty have used this when designing courses.

Quality Matters

Sinclair Community College participates in Quality Matters and offers periodic training on our campus. Although designed for online teaching, many faculty have found it a useful resource for designing any course.

Universal Design (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning is beginning to arrive on the higher education scene. It is important in development, how to design curriculum based on the latest research on how students learn. We offer training on this and encourage you to learn more about UDL. Here is a good list of resources.

Course ReVisioning Program (2012-2014)

For the past two years, Distance Learning and the Center for Teaching and Learning have partnered to offer opportunities for faculty to revision their courses. As of Fall 2013, 17 courses have been transformed and we hope to offer future opportunities. The National Center for Academic Transformation has done some good work in this area.

Integrating Across Curriculum Trends

Many faculty are familiar with the current movement to integrate writing across the curriculum. We have sponsored several different programs at Sinclair Community College about integrating writing across the discipline. Much of this work supports the general education outcomes of our college. Here are just a few examples: