What is the faculty role in Assessment?

Regarding course level assessment, faculty will:

  • Be able to describe the link between unit, course, and general education learning outcomes.
  • Effectively communicate for a shared understanding of expectations, general education, unit and course learning outcomes with the student via the syllabus, and use of rubrics or other valid and reliable evaluation methods.
  • Collect assessment data on general education, unit, and course learning outcomes for individual students as well as group performance for teaching and curriculum revisions that improve student learning and success.

Regarding program level assessment, faculty will:

  • Be able to describe the link between course, program and general education learning outcomes.
  • Participate in the Annual Update & Program Review Process:
    • The update and review process provides structure for continuous quality improvement.
    • Encourage "Shared Assignments" to demonstrate performance across sections of students (general education and course learning outcomes).
    • Aggregate and trend specific data to demonstrate program effectiveness which is used by faculty to guide program revisions.

Regarding college level assessment, faculty will:

  • Participate in Assessment Committee (Sub-Committee of the Curriculum Committee) which is responsible for reviewing the status of assessment practices at Sinclair and making appropriate recommendations pertaining to the program, course, and general education assessment of student learning and development. The Assessment Committee defines, reviews, and revises the general education outcomes in courses that support these outcomes.
    • At least three but no more than five faculty representatives appointed by each academic division dean
    • One Faculty Senate representative
    • Previous Chair of Assessment Committee
    • Only faculty representatives from each academic division are eligible to vote and chair all subcommittees.

Resources for Assessment

Association of American Colleges and Universities website (Resources for Assessment)

Be sure to review the General Education Committee website for more information.